In August 2017 students and teachers from Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia and Iceland met at Osby to complete a seminar called Basic Climbing. The seminar is a part of the Erasmus+ project Safe Climbing that aims to create quality electronic study material for climbing, train students and future climbing teachers as well as incorporate distance education options into arboriculture courses.

Students started their theoretical studies at home through Moodle where they had lectures and assignments in tieing knots, filling out a risk assessment and completing a physical training program to prepare them for climbing. Once they arrived in Sweden they started with taking a test in naming and tieing knots before they started training in climbing.

The course went quite well and a total of 19 participants completed the program set up by the two teachers from Denmark Bent Jensen and Marianne Lyhne. The students will now train at home until they attend the next seminar called Advanced Climbing in Slovenia in september 2018.

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