One of our projects objectives is to incorporate distance education options into arboriculture courses. This would increase the chances for people that live remotely or have busy lives with work and family to finish courses with less time spent at school. With added opportunity for education we should see a higher percentage of professionals in the field of arboriculture.

Distance education options in a field like this will require students to prepare well with reading and practice at home before attending school to finish practical training. The studymaterial that is being written through this project will help students learn the basics for climbing such as tying knots, checking climbing gear, filling out risk assessments and such in preparation for the practical training.

For trial courses run in this project we use Moodle to relay material, course work and assignments to our students. The platform enables us to keep in steady contact with our students and make available all the material the students need to complete their assignments at home.

Distance education is the future as an increasing number of people seek education later in life after they have started a family. We need to be ready to greet them with education options that suit them.

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